Linking across scales to shed light on brain disorders

The center for Large-scale Imaging of Neural Circuits (LINC) is funded by an NIH BRAIN Initiative CONNECTS UM1 comprehensive center award (PIs: Haber, Hillman, Yendiki). Its goal is to develop novel technologies for imaging brain connections down to the microscopic scale, and deploy these technologies to image cortico-subcortical projections that are relevant to deep-brain stimulation for motor and psychiatric disorders.

The LINC project is a collaboration between 8 institutions: Brigham and Women’s Hospital (PI: Fox), Columbia University (PI: Hillman), Harvard University (PI: Lichtman), Massachusetts General Hospital (PI: Yendiki), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PI: Ghosh), University College London (PI: Walsh, co-PI: Lee), University of Rochester (PI: Haber), and Weill Cornell Medicine (PI: Wu).

The Martinos Center’s Anastasia Yendiki, PhD, on the NIH BRAIN CONNECTS-funded Center for Large-scale Imaging of Neural Circuits (LINC)